TY/KARE Community Outreach Programme

TY/KARE Community Outreach Programme

The TY/KARE Programme began over 17 years ago where originally service users from St Anne’s school in the Curragh would come over and spend time with our TY students. The objective of the programme was that our students would get the opportunity to work with children who had an intellectual disability and learn about their interests and needs. In turn the Kare service users would get the opportunity to integrate with 2nd level students and have the opportunity to experience life in a community school.

It was an activity based programme with games, visits and a strong social element built into in the programme.

Thankfully this gathering has continued down through the years but the main difference now is that the service users are now adults. They come down to the school once a week to meet with the students. Activities range from Zumba dancing, baking, painting, board games, indoor soccer, or simply sitting and having a good chat.

The success of the programme lies in the fact our TY students volunteer for the programme and really get involved in getting to know the service users. Hopefully this coming together will continue for many years into the future.

About KARE

KARE was started in 1967 by parents and friends of children with an intellectual disability. They wanted the children to be able to live at home and go to a local school. "We still want to help people with an intellectual disability to live a good life in their local community."

For more information on their services including how to get involved visit http://www.kare.ie