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Principal The seed of Scoil Mhuire was born out of the Presentation Convent. It was the Presentation Sisters and dedicated staff that nurtured the school throughout the years. The school is now a bedrock of Clane community. Reflecting on the school’s history and unique spirit I realise how honoured and privileged I am to be Principal.

The school's curriculum is very much a reflection of its founders. Today in Scoil Mhuire we cater for everybody. The school offers a comprehensive curriculum.

Evidence of the community identification is the extraordinarily successful Adult Education programme, which offers lifelong learning opportunities to the people in Clane and the surrounding areas.

The success of the school is the partnership and respect that exists between staff, students and parents. It is the extraordinary dedication of the teachers, secretarial and caretaking staff that gives Scoil Mhuire its unique spirit. This culture of dedication is passed on to any new member of staff in the school.

Scoil Mhuire is a hive of activity outside of the very busy curriculum. An extensive range of extra curricular activities is provided for the students. Sports, drama, debating, music, young scientist, foreign travel and fundraising for charity are just some of the activities that help students develop a rounded education. Scoil Mhuire has had many successes outside the classroom.

Today the school needs to be an ever-evolving organisation meeting the needs of a multicultural society. Schools of the past were concerned with the three Rs of reading, writing, and arithmetic. These now are augmented with the three Ts of thinking, teamwork and technology and mixed with the three Cs of care, courtesy and consideration. The challenges today are greater than they have ever been and Scoil Mhuire, because of its history and traditions, is well established to meet these challenges.

Padraig Nolan, Principal.

  • Scoil Mhuire is a Community School consisting of Staff, Students, Parents and Management.
  • As a centre for the formation of youth its aim is to strive for a more Christian and just society.
  • To provide a warm and caring environment where students are taught to respect the dignity of each person and to develop their own sense of worth and self-esteem.
  • It seeks to provide a disciplined atmosphere in which students can work and develop their talents to the best of their abilities.
  • All are expected to strive for excellence in all their pursuits whether academic or non academic.
  • Scoil Mhuire works within the curriculum of the Department of Education and provides extra curricular activities aiming at the growth of the whole person.
  • Students are encouraged to develop their academic, intuitive and creative gifts to enable them to live their lives to the full and contribute in a positive way to the society of which they are a part.
  • The school continually re-examines its goals and objectives and responds in a creative way to the demands of changing times.
The school's motto 'The Truth will set you Free' St. Jn. 8.32 is adopted by the school because of its essential meaning for life. Truth, reality and knowledge of the better things liberates the mind, opens new horizons, alleviates fear and contributes to a capacity to live life in a full and meaningful way. The reality about God, the world and life, in so far as they can be grasped from faith and learning is the pursuit of Christian Education in Scoil Mhuire.
Scoil Mhuire Crest

The torch effect symbolises light, enlightenment, building up which is the aspiration of education. In the light stand a boy and girl enfolded by two hands indicating the support and care sought to be provided for them in the school. Behind the students one can see the shape of a book, which symbolises the learning, and study, which the school encourages and provides

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Scoil Mhuire is governed by a Board of Management made up of democratically elected members. The Board has representatives from the Trustees, Teachers and Parents.
Joint trusteeship is vested in the Department of Education and Science, Kildare Wicklow ETB. and the Presentation Sisters Northern Province.
Board Members
The Board has ten members and is made up as follows:
Order Nominees 3
Kildare Wicklow ETB 3
Parent Nominees 2
Staff Nominees 2

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Scoil Mhuire Community School,
Co. Kildare

045 868121

Principal: Mr. Padraig Nolan
Deputy Principal: Mr JP Cahillane
Deputy Principal: Ms Sinéad Ronan
Deputy Principal: Mr Séamus Scully

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