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Nobel Prize: Gender Gap

Women have increased their presence among Nobel Prize Laureates but the prestigious honor is still a long way from achieving gender parity, highlighting the under-representation of women in the sciences but also in powerful positions in the humanities.


Tags: Language of Information Gender

Food price rises around the world are result of ‘broken’ system, say experts

Surge of about 20% this year due to system that concentrates power and profits in hands of few companies


Tags: Language of Argument Poverty Money

News sources and their trustworthiness

The huge distrust in the news is leading people to trust crazy fringe sources. This is making things much worse than any political bias in specific news sources.

Tags: Language of Information News Social Media

West Africa and the harmful effects of fast fashion

Dumping of second-hand clothing from West poses dilemma for Ghana’s growing fashion scene and the young designers active in it.

Tags: Language of Persuasion Fast fashion Wealth

Extract from a novel on the intimacy that sport can offer.

Sport offers us moments of shared intimacy. Especially in Ireland when we may struggle to truly convey our emotions and feelings of pride. Here the author passes his thoughts on. 

Tags: Language of Narration Sport Novel

The world's most polluted capital city

In Northern India, a concoction of seven different fungi could help to thin the smog that pervaded the capital city with the worst air pollution in the world.

Tags: Language of Information Climate Change

Spain to end gender stereotypes in toy adverts

Spanish toy makers have agreed to end gender stereotypes in their adverts and vowed to stop featuring boys exclusively with cars and soldiers, and girls playing with dolls

Tags: Language of Argument Gender Stereotypes

Elements of Resilience

This image looks at the four catagories of resilience: physiocal, emotional, mental and spiritual. 

Tags: Language of Persuasion Mental Health Health

'Begin' by Brendan Kennelly

Brendan Kennelly's optimistic poem about starting each day on a new beginning and enjoying all that the world has to offer. 

Tags: Aesthetic use of Language Poetry

Life Expectancy in Africa

This map looks at the life expectancy in the African continent. 

Tags: Language of Persuasion Health Wealth Poverty

Fossil Fuel Dependency

Ukraine war is forcing Europe to tackle its fossil fuel dependency. Countries across Europe are grappling with how to wean themselves off fossil fuels, especially oil and gas from Russia.

Tags: Language of Argument Climate Change Wealth

Benefits of EU membership

This infographic shows the % of the European population that thinks their country has benefitted from being a member of the EU. 

Tags: Language of Information Population

Benefits of Sport in the Community

Sport Ireland researched the benefits of sport and complied thsi Children's Sport Participation and Physical Activity Study (CSPPA).

Tags: Language of Persuasion Sport Health Pasttimes

2021 Worlds Most Valuable Brands

This infographic looks at the worlds most vaubale brands across the world in 2021, featuring some very well known names. 

Tags: Language of Information Wealth Power

2021: A Year in Pictures

This National Geographic article looks at the year 2021 in iconic images. While issues such as political and climate changes issues. However optimism came in the form of medical advances etc. These images encapsualte this interesting year.

Tags: Aesthetic use of Language Politics Health Climate Change Nature

Historic drought looms for 20 million in Africa

As many as 20 million people in four African countries are facing extreme hardship and food shortages as an exceptionally long and severe drought grips the eastern Horn of Africa. Three rainy seasons in a row have failed to materialize. 

Tags: Language of Argument Poverty

A minute per day on the internet

This charts shows the estimated amount of data created on the internet in one minute in 2021.

Tags: Language of Information Wealth Technology Social Media

10 Ways to Reduce Fossil Fuels in Ireland

Ireland is one of the most fossil fuel dependent countries in Europe. University College Cork researchers in a MaREI have developed 10 actions households and government can take to reduce Ireland’s use of fossil fuel by 10%.

Tags: Language of Persuasion Climate Change

Syrian War: The story of the last 11 years

A peaceful uprising against the president of Syria 10 years ago turned into a full-scale civil war. The conflict has left half a million people dead, devastated cities and drawn in other countries. Read the story so far here. 

Tags: Language of Information War Poverty

Documentary: Michael Darragh MacAuley

TG4’s award winning Laochra Gael, continues with the story of Dublin footballer, Michael Darragh MacAuley. From background and style, MacAuley was not the typical GAA player, and always defied convention or description.

Tags: Language of Narration Documentary Sport

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